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The History of the Brebbia Pipe - In 1947 Enea Buzzi, founder of Pipe Brebbia, and Achille Savinelli, son of Carlo Savinelli, decided to manufacture smoking pipes for the famous Savinelli Shop run by Carlos in Milan, Italy. They agreed to produce pipes with the Savinelli name exploiting the fame of the shop which was very well known at the time. Enea and Achille did not have any previous experience when they set up the business. Their intention, however, was to manufacture high quality pipes at a time when most of the pipes made were of lower quality. In fact, these factories would stamp their pipes - "Genuine Briar Pipes" because most people could not believe that the pipes sold at such a low price could be made from briar(white heath).

Enea Buzzi, who was living in Brebbia, was in charge of the entire production. The work was carried out in an old power station building owned by his grandfather. Achille Savinelli, who lived in Milan, was in charge of sales. He set up an office in Via Orefici for the sale of pipes in Italy and abroad.

In 1953 Buzzi and Savinelli terminated their mutually exclusive agreement. Savinelli began to build his own plant in Barasso which was located 11KM from Brebbia. Enea was producing pipes under the Savinelli name and also under his tradename - MPB(Manifatture Pipe Brebbia).

In 1956 the split was completed. The Savinelli plant was able to produce at full throttle. Buzzi purchased his partner's shares and on June 22, 1956 set up his own business called MPB(Manifatture Pipe Brebbia). The logo was established as the diamond with the letters MPB embossed.

In the beginning, Brebbia experienced some difficulty with establishing its own identity. However, in a few years, Enea developed a new style that was a balance of new and classical shapes.

In 1968 the MPB logo was changed to the current Brebbia logo - the gold outlined diamond. In 1976 Brebbia changed its corporate name from Manifatture Pipe Brebbia to Pipe Brebbia.

In 1978 Brebbia introduced a new device called the "Frangi-Fumo(Smoke Breaker). This small plastic device was designed to be placed inside the stem bit to divert the stream of smoke. In 1979, Brebbia started making pipes with the 9mm active carbon filter. This became a huge success in Germany. About 98% of all pipes smokes in Germany are fitted with a 9mm filter.

Pipe Brebbia is now under the administration of Enea's son, Luciano Buzzi. Pipe Brebbia has enjoyed a solid reputation for producing quality made pipes with an Italian flair. Pipe Brebbia uses briar blocks selected from the very best Mediterranean briar available. The briar is air cured to provide a very cool and dry smoke. The mouthpieces are made from acrylic or vulcanite and have an anatomic shape which favors the passage of smoke and provides a comfortable bite.

In 1992 Pipe Brebbia introduced the Jubilee series. The series ran for six years until 1997 which Pipe Brebbia celebrated their 50th Anniversary. This series has become highly collectable. In 1998 Pipe Brebbia introduced the "Grandi Designers Della Pipa Series". These pipes are designed by famous people in the industry. Every year since then, new designs will be introduced.

There are sixteen models and ten finishes in the Brebbia line. Pipe Brebbia produces approximately 35,000 pipes per year and employs fourteen people in the factory. There are 106 different shapes in the line. Brebbia pipes are stamped as follows:





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